About Future Cambodia

Future Cambodia is a forum set up to boost Cambodia's cooperation and coordination; hence, it would level up the nationalim of each Khmer. It would share experience from predecessors to descendants so that, in a very long period of time span, Cambodia would become an empire as it used to be. This forum is transparent, academic based, unbiased and free from political ideologies. We sacrifice for our next generations' smile from within.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why Do We Need This Blog?

Development is a word that many philosophers having tried to define and figured out its roots for hundreds of years, but the phenomenon has been concluded differently. However, generally accepted principle of development is higher welfare, greater well-being or more happiness. Furthermore, genius people have struggled to bring not only internal development, but also international prestige to their nations. The intuition behind this endeavor is to avoid from being called a ‘Lost Generation’ as it was used on (Australian) aborigines. ‘Lost Generation’ should be classified into two groups. The first one is ‘Internal Lost Generation,’ a group of people being kept away from consideration by their own government. More extremely, ‘External Lost Generation’ is a group of citizens being kept away from consideration or, more extremely, has never known by other nationalities. I would suggest a broader usage of the word ‘External Lost Generation,’ in which it is broken down into every single sector, such as: diplomacy, academia, economy, politics and so forth because, in the well-integrated world, every nation is attracted attention from the rest of the world but with varied levels of consideration depending on their benefits to the others. Cambodia used to be a full-of-happiness country and regarded as a highly civilized society, but civil wars and internal conflicts had destroyed its smile from within and prestige up to the late of twentieth century. The Win-Win policies, employed by the second government of the 1993 constitution, have brought a macro level of national integration and coordination. However, micro level of Cambodia’s integration, coordination and, especially, cooperation is by far away from a level needed to develop a modern society. In this regard, we, some Cambodia’s students studying in Australia, have long considered and decided to set this blog/forum for each Khmer people so that the gap should be fulfilled from the current generation onward. The main purpose of this blog is to build micro level of Khmer integration, coordination and cooperation by providing this transparent, academic-based, unbiased and free-from-political-ideology forum for every single Cambodian to share experiences and to learn from other better practices. Additionally, the forum would facilitate the Cambodian government’s endeavors and bridge the gap between every single person with the community. Hence, each Khmer would change their mind sets from awaiting criticism to active cooperation and from wild competition to cooperation and wise challenge with national interests on the top. We are setting a publishing committee to screen-out every proposed post on this blog so that anomalies should be voided. Meanwhile, we would like to explicitly invite all Khmer students or alumni studying abroad to share their own experience from applying to university life. Soon after it is completed, please send it to our committee via rpeou@hotmail.com or futurecambodia@hotmail.com We dedicate our generation for our next generations’ smile from within. Best regards, Blog Coordinator